Sustainable Port Chester Alliance, a nonprofit community-labor coalition, is struggling to bring Just and Sustainable development to all of Port Chester, a community undergoing a major upheaval from new real estate development projects. To help stop growing gentrification, the Alliance has launched a major campaign to increase the voter turnout in the upcoming March 2022 municipal election. Traditionally, only about 20% of the registered voters turnout in these elections, which means the voices of the vast majority of the community, especially lower income residents and people of color, are not heard through the electoral process. A mere 500 more votes can separate winners and losers. But increasing voter turnout is not easy, requiring a major effort to overcome cynicism and indifference. So we desperately need your help to successfully win this crucial campaign. Please join us by filling out the form below and volunteering your time and expertise so we can help bring Justice and Sustainability to all the residents of Port Chester.