A Board of Trustees Election will be held on March 15, 2022

The Upcoming Election is for the Following Position:
Board of Trustee

These are the seven candidates running for six seats on the Port Chester Board of Trustees:
Candidate A: John Allen (D)
Candidate B: Juliana Alzate (R)
Candidate C: Joseph Carvin (R)
Candidate D: Joseph Devita (R)
Candidate E: Bart Didden (R)
Candidate F: Phil Dorazio (D)
Candidate G: Joan Grangenois-Thomas (D)

Cumulative Voting

Village of Port Chester uses a cumulative voting system to elect Board of Trustee Members. What is cumulative voting?
A voting method where:
1. You vote to elect more than one trustee
2. All trustee candidates run against one another
3. You have as many votes as trustees being elected
4. You can award your votes in any combination you want. That means you can give more than one vote to a candidate
5. The candidates with the most votes will win

Some examples of how you might vote
1. You may cast one or more votes for your candidate of choice
2. You may decide to give all of your votes to one candidate
3. You can give some votes to one candidate and one vote each to other candidates
4. Or you might want to cast an equal amount each to your candidate of choice
5. Example: If there are six candidates running for three open seats, and you like three candidates equally, you should cast two votes each for the candidates of your choice

More Information

For more information please contact Sustainable Port Chester Alliance via email at info@portchesteralliance.org or the Village of Port Chester Clerk’s Office at:
Janusz R. Richards, Village Clerk
Village of Port Chester
222 Grace Church Street
Port Chester, NY 10573
Phone:  914-939-5202
Email: www.portchesterny.gov